USE Chrome,Safari, Edge, UC Browser, or Firefox (in this order)

- if it doesn't load try updating to newest version, also in Chrome enable hardware acceleration should fix. Aditionally try lowering game graphics in settings

Urban Racer Phone html game - use Chrome or Safari.  Intended for mobile but will work on ios or pc with a mouse.  The html game file size is  65 mb.

- play landscape (phone sideways)

- 3 levels, each 1000 meters x 1000 meters world (~ 0.4 square miles each)

+ a new bonus level to explore on foot with no timer

- try to escape from the city within the 3 minute time limit in each level, hint to drive slower to make turns

- huge variety of city blocks and streets


- published 8-13-2021

- uses webgl, success on android mobild devices to try UC Browser if Chrome doesn't work, no reports of problems on iphone using safari

See other html games, including acyberpunk and detailed forest games at


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can you make this downloadable?