USE Chrome,Safari, Edge, UC Browser, or Firefox (in this order) -- the game is about 75 mb

other free html mobile games  ZOSUStudios -   (racing, castles, cyberpunk)

Updated version of this game as Android App Free & FullZOSULand Android Store 

- no ads!

Html game -

- if it doesn't load try updating to newest version, also in Chrome enable hardware acceleration should fix, additionally try lowering game graphics in settings

3D web browser game test that works on various browsers tested on Iphones and Android phones with no application install required - play right off your browser

- works best with Chrome, also can play off Safari. 

areas vary in complexity and object density from relatively dense forests to multiple miles long forests with lower density. Goal was to create a game that can be played in browser off the phone. It can also be played off a computer by using a mouse or touch screen with the onscreen joystick.

- I am a solo indie game developer as a hobby and I wanted to make 3D areas that could be played on the phone without needing to install applications. 

- Any feedback is helpful

Content - 8 Test Scenes 

- 3D urban area

- Low poly cartoon test with a Noah's Ark 

- Vehicle drive test with destroyable objects and buildings

- Vehicle drive test time racing downhill

- Small dense 3D test with a forest houses

- Large forest about 1 square mile

- Small dense 3D forest test #2

- Spaceship asteroid shooter


Update 7/31/21 - Adding Android apk build (copy of the html/webgl build).  Planning to put this onto the GooglePlay store but for now it can be accessed here directly and used at your own risk.  Presumably it can play on lower-end devices but I have not tested it recently (will test when upload to GooglePlay store)

Update 12/1/21 - Android app almost complete with improvements, will post link once on store


Development Notes

-Best results = use Chrome with phone sideways !!! Iphone works but will not lock rotation. Game is also playable off a PC but the controls are setup for touch joystick.

-Mobile web browser HTML test. (Uncompressed test at ~75 mg)

-ZOSULAND = multiple scenes to test on mobile html (webgl / java).  Relatively friendly (shoot hearts), focus on testing webgl builds on android and iphones.

8/7/21 - working on improvements to movement controls

5/29/21 - created website and opening this build up for prototype for some friends to test

2/11/21 - added more complex build tests and a car test

Sometimes scenes crash first attempt to load (due to cache?) - restart can fix


other games (including another html cyberpunk game)- ZOSUStudios -


-This video features music created using Groovepad. Available on the App Store,


GooglePlay Link is coming soon!


Also available on


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