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*August 6th 2023 = this is now set to all free, enjoy*

Quest2 (primary/made-for) & Quest2-Linked/PCVR(converted to)

Now on App Lab (direct install from oculus website) https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/4556974201065589/

10 miles, climb, fly, grapple almost anything!

**FREE DEMO ALL LEVELS 60 sec timer on each level (36 levels)   -- free download link at bottom of page

**FULL Game has no level time limit (will give out keys as available for App Lab, send a message for a key)


- Over 10 sq. mi. / 28 sq. km to explore spread out across 27 unique cities and 250 buildings. Additional 9 levels to fly through space obstacles to get to each city cluster, over 50 animals to save, also destroy dinosaurs and robots. Jetpacks in each level allow flight, grapples in each level available, and you can climb almost anything

- Motion Sickness Consideration: all turning can be done using the right joystick in addition to the direction you are looking, while flying move in direction of hand/jetpack.

Purchasing this game includes:

- Quest 2 Full game with no time limit set on levels

- Quest 2 Linked / PCVR full game with no time limit set

-Quest2 Releases-

v1.02 d - minor fixes, decrease graphics ~ 10 % to improve performance (Quest2 app lab submission version pre-test)

v1.02 e - increase graphics 10%, better experience, higher risk drop FPS

v1.02 g - submitted to Oculus App Lab, reduce graphics back down 10% and further optimization for 60-72FPS

Release Plan 

- App is now pending app lab approval and PCVR version being finalized to submit to Oculus store (assuming that, if it is possible,  will give free App Lab and Oculus store keys to anyone who purchases the game on itch).

Data Privacy, Terms and Conditions

(no app user data is collected beyond what itch . io automatically collects) link - Privacy, T&C


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

v1.02 PCVR Full ZOSULand 20ZZ PCVR Full-v1-02.zip 918 MB
v1.02 PCVR Demo ZOSUStudios 20ZZ PCVR Demo-v1-02.zip 918 MB
v1-02d Quest2 Demo ZOSULand 20ZZ 1,008 MB
v1.02e Quest2 Demo ZOSULand 20ZZ 1,008 MB
v1.02e Quest2 Full ZOSULand 20ZZ 1,008 MB
v1.02g Quest2 Full ZOSULand 20ZZ 1,008 MB

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